Lantawa, phonetically, is a word of beauty.
The word "lantawa" is a word from the Philippine Islands. Loosely translated, it means "a window"; "to look" or "to see." I propose that, for 2015, "lantawa" should be adopted into common usage in the English language as a synonym for wise insight, foresight, and keen vision regarding temporal and spiritual matters. I understand that my love for "lantawa" is somewhat fixated. I discovered the word in the early 1970s, by fortune, while constructing works of poetry. This word has a draw for me that is irrational yet extremely intuitively precise. It calls to me, bringing images and visions of natural wisdom, especially in relation to water and the Atlantic Ocean. Though it originates out of the Philippine Island dialects, its appeal, I believe, is universal in all languages.Work to bring "lantawa" to full recognition among all people of the world. This beautiful word is a refined tool in helping to declare our clear minds and honest human traits and designs. Truth, Lantawa

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